Stay to live! live till the max!

Stay to live! live till the max!

Monday, December 17, 2012


no, S.H.E
ya.. downloaded all new songs of S.H.E...
The return of S.H.E! three of u are the best for me!!!!
listen to the songs.. found tat, three of u bcome mature edi... yet, the spirit of s.h.e still there..
even stronger...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

long time no see

ya, one year plus... din touch this blog le...
i did some renew...
wat i renew not just my blog, but MYSELF~

one year past...
everything changed...
things tat possible change, things tat impossible change,
everything just changed....

happy? sad?
it depends..

cheer up. 12.12.12 :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Its time for me to CHANGE.. a brand new Uni life~

after few months started my uni life... i think, its the time for me to have a great change..
change-- is not a great big change in outlook or any other materiality, but, the change of my lifestyle, my perspective, my thinking, study method...

i hope this change, will turn me up a new leaf..

jia you, Yong Pei Yee.

here's some of my life photo in University Malaya..
 invited by my uniten frens.. to play for their team.. went to swimburne unitversity, Kuching.

 the UNITEN team and other teams..

My mix-double partner, Phun Zai Xian=snoopy( dun u all feel tat way too?)

my buddies... lovely buddies... love u all so       much~       

my PBL groups...(Problem-based learning group)

outing wit my fren fren~~

UM badminton team!
 (m the youngest in the team... 1st year student in team A... clapz.. wee~)
 UM invitation tournament...UM team- overall second runner up
err... person having competition, the whole family come support.. 

MBBS sport team
medic students from other uni, been invited to UITM for sport competition..


as secondary school, took part in track and field event..
100m and 4 by 100m..

 roommates... together,we ran for 4 by 100m.. champion! 100m , champion!!
get started addict to dessert....

                                              our 2nd residential college's senior-freshie night~

penang girl school's leng lui

bi and gal

my roommate@good fren, poh ling

middle: my partner at tat night... from kajang too!! kajang high school boy.. damn shock.. fate!
left: yin zhien, my coursemate~~

 the theme for the night: queen and ace night

and of course.. uni life....although m a uni student now..
but.. wont forget... my childhood... 
my favourite... winnie the pooh...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011



nice meet wit both of u.... talk about everything.... about wat we busy on last year... wat we learnt about from our studies... not juz knowledge...but.. personality.... our thoughts... mature-thinking... we even chat about government thingy...ha....

hey guys!!! seriously, u all changed a lot!!!! jj, u...... from a syok sendiri type... changed to a quiet guy.... may be ur situation made u changed it... anyway, mature a lot a lot.... keep on reading books.... eeewww...ha! and u, lao ye, ngiap ngiap!! u changed from a quiet person to a socialise person!!!! like to zi high!!! haha!! i SAID..... previous jj, became recent ngiap hsiang, previous ngiap hsiang became recent jj!!

had a nice talk!
st john heng dai~~~

black vs white
lao ye... wan i pour tea for u ma??
at least can see jj's previous laugh...... miss it so much oh.... especially when u syok sendiri....
keep it touch^^

Friday, June 3, 2011

There were some unforgettable travelling in 2010 till 2011...(KMJ~tale 1)


can say tis trip is our farewell trip before we leaving kmj... we organized it ourselves... jolyn ch'ng, head of accomodation, sue sien, head of transportation, me??? head of gangster~~(y am i so evil? no la... my job is to gather as many ppl as i can ma... den really a lot of gangs were going... and i m the one who collect money lo... isn't it seem like a gangster?? ha!)

we booked a bus going to malacca... and the num of ppl going to malacca was just... ya... a whole bus full of us...

our journey....
our room.... not messy la... juz the effect oni....oopsss!!
the staircase... hav a big big mirror.. guys...dun tell me u all din take photo like wat we did k...admit it!
jump shot!
leng ji muizz~

buddy!!!(ermm... realise?? joel like taking shot for some advertisement...ha!)

another ji mui shot!
the game began wit tis... tat day i think i was crazy... like to took those big big thingy shot! den..let see wat i did.... a big big wheel~
i held it!! look like my sterring~
dun climb! but i....
big big ship!! i wanna carry it..... cannot???
use tis method!!!
hey, ouch! pain!!
legs~~ guess who were wearing tat black shoes... ah ha!! think... got it right....(j---)
travelling?? we din forget to stretch our

wanna take photo.. no matter how dangerous, we willing to do it.. climbing....
cheese!!joel- the lost guy~
jonker street~

nice during cendol~
me and my orangy drink
kuliah 2- powerpuff gals

thk joel for being a good good camera man!!

sue sien, bom u!!!!! two professional actress~~
BBOOOMMMMM........(yeng leh tis photo.....)
point there....

met mushroom gang~couple shirt! but... sorry, aint couple! hee!
the next day, i still not yet forget my game... big big plane!!! i held it wit my two fingers!
the screw-staircase~

let's get the night party started..

nice trip indeed~